Below are some of the photographs which have been sent in by members of the association.Can you put names to any of them?

Can you tell us anything else about the photos?.

Ops Troop

Now how many can you name?

Seletar primary School

Pam Hill right in the centre (front row) Recognise any others.?

Photos from Pete Wall 1948

A Bit Blurred but who are they ?…it was a brownie camera !

....and more from Pete Wall

Any Names ? Who are the fishermen?

Terry McHugh

Terry in full marching order about to embark on a route march. 1958 to 1961. Anybody remember him?

23898104 Pearce RA

HELP !!!

I have an olive drab combat jacket of my dad’s which has your red aircraft shoulder flashes on it. He was 23898104 Pearce RA. I would be grateful for any information you might have about his service in Borneo because – typical British veteran – he is pretty reticent about it. He also has a Dennison smock and a ‘golok’ jungle knife which I believe to be from the same period. The smock is something he won’t say anything about.

Apparently he was an ex Harrogate apprentice and a technician. Left Harrogate about 1962