Keith Armitage


Keith Armitage joined the Corps in 1953 and was posted to 7 Training Regiment, Catterick. He was posted to 19 Signal Regt. (A.F) at Changi as a Draughtsman in March `54, working for Major (TOT) J Pollard. His return was delayed by the Suez Crisis but eventually served at the School of Signals until 1960

He returned to GHQ FARELF at Signals Branch under Brigadier Swainson.  He eventually took a course in UK to become a Staff Operator. He returned to GHQ and was then posted on temporary attachment as Chief Clerk to 252 Signal Squadron, Hong Kong – OC Maj P Wing and 2 i.c Lt.Bernard Strange. He was later attached to 249 Sig Sqn in Brunei as Chief Clerk when the Borneo troubles began.

Keith was subsequently posted back to the UK to 3 Div & Sig Regt in Bulford, then as Instructor at Army Apprentice College, Harrogate. Keith left the Army in November 1965 after 12 enjoyable years. His regret was that he did not sign on for a full 22 years.

Keith was a very valued member of the Association and hardly ever missed a reunion. His literary skills were clear when he wrote articles for the webpage and in particular his memories of his time as a young Signalman at RHQ in Changi where he was the regimental clerk. His pictures at reunions are in abundance and we will be eternally grateful for his recollections. He also served with the late Bernard Strange in 252 Signal Squadron in Hong Kong. Sadly Keith died after a very short illness on Sunday 9 April 2017. We will miss you Keith. R.I.P.