Photos by Peter Wall 1948

Photos by Peter Wall during his service during 1948 and 1949 at both Elim Camp as part of Changi Troop and at Tengah. Apologies for their “Grainy” condition but it was 1948

Pagar looking out to sea.

Pete Wall and his view of Pagar

Looking at the Officers Mess

Looking across the bathing area from the Pagar

The accommodation in tents

View of the 4 man tented area.

Interior of a four man tent

Not a lot of space for a kit layout

Looking down at the NAAFI Club

The NAAFI Club (or the Chalet Club) is behind the large tree

Another view of Changi

Just another view of Changi taken in 1948 on Peter Wall’s box camera

Where we worked

Telephone exchange on the left

Equipment centre

Power on the right

Some of the 'blokes' who worked with Peter Wall

Does anybody recognise these signallers.?

Pete Wall is top left.

Off duty Changi Yacht club

Ray Mason, Den Tuck

Peter Wall and Mike Joseph




....more Changi Yacht Club

Ellis, Andy,

Pete Wall, Andy and Pete Dean

........and more

Pete Wall, and Den Tuck

Leonard, Ray Mason and Mike Joseph

On the beach.

Pete Wall, Andy, Ben, Pete Ellis and Pete Dean

A shift.Rest Day

At the rear Dick Emery, Dolly Deacon,

Pete Wall, Turner, Reeve and  Boswell


A very rainy day

In the monsoon season

Duty Watch

Griff, Den Tuck, Pete Wall

Charles Davis,Tich Gildert, Rudy Scully


Group 77 leaving 151

Selwyn, Mo Geary

Pete Ellis, Dick Emery and Danny Lowe


Regimental Photograph

Regimental Photo taken at Elim before Pete Wall was posted to Tengah

Barrack room in Changi

DC 3

…or a Dakota as we know it!

Marthas...for Sgts only.

…..why Sgt’s only  Nod nod wink wink.

On leave in Penang.Sgt Hulse and Pete.

Sgt Sid Hulse and Pete Wall in the background sunning in Penang.

The tentage village in Changi

The accommodation at Elim Camp.

The Pewter Pot

Presented to Pete Wall by the Colonel’s wife for Motor Cycle trials.