Committee meeting 2016


Committee members met on Sunday morning and some reported that members had gone out of their way to comment favourably on the hotel, staff and meals. After very short discussion it was decided to return to Warwick again  in 2017 and the second weekend in September (8th-10th) has already been booked.

John & Joyce Home undertook to visit Johnson’s Coaches and seek their advice regarding places to visit on the Saturday morning.

John Hill our Association webmaster, reported on his work to produce a comprehensive association website and gave us an address where the site can be pre-viewed. What John has achieved so far is very impressive but it is still very much work-in-progress.

A copy of the Association Roll-of-Honour had been on display at the reunion. This project is now sensibly complete apart from adding new names as they are received and of finding a more appropriate, hard-back, binder.

Frank Smith reported that Association funds are still in a healthy state and that the value of the Bond, purchased in March 2014, has at last almost recovered to its purchase value. It is expected to provide an income in the order of 3.3% again during this financial year.


John Hill reported that our Association Website was live and could be seen at. If you have an internet connection please log on to this site. John has done a fantastic job and his report of our last reunion is illustrated with a shed load of colour photographs.

John notes that “I am updating it (the website) daily and making improvements”. He will welcome comments on what he has created and accounts of members time in the Regiment.