Changi Troop was one of a number of troops administered by 1 Sqn of the Regiment. It was originally based at Elim Camp but later moved into Block 139 at  RAF Changi. The troop was structured in much the same way as Seletar Troop and Tengah troop.

The troop was commanded by an officer, normally a Captain aided by a Troop Foreman of Signals (normally a Staff sergeant) and a troop sergeant (Normally a lineman). It was the responsibility of the Foreman of Signals to oversee the technical side of the troop, mainly involving the Telephone exchange and the ground communications. The troop sergeant was responsible in general for overseeing the discipline of the troop in the field, training, and ensuring that the cabling and wiring associated with the airfield were kept in good working condition.

The Foreman of Signals would be assisted by a technical sergeant (normally an LEP) possibly two or three corporals and a small number of technicians who would be responsible for maintenance and repairs of the technical equipment associated with the role of the regiment. The troop sergeant would be assisted by possibly three or four corporals

The remainder of the troop would be made up of  possibly three or four Royal Signals regular soldiers plus a high percentage of LEP personnel. (For  a brief description of the LEP soldier, please refer to the Seletar troop page.)

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Sgt Jappar

Sgt Jappar and his detachment of both LEP and UK personnel working on the main cable chamber at RAF Changi


Cable fault

L/Cpl Yusoff (Changi Troop)  inspects one of the 80 series cables which have been damaged when a tree uprooted on the Tampines Road.

UG Cable

Members of Changi Troop laying one of the huge underground (U.G.) cables for airfield installations.

....and some of the accomodation

Squadron Headquarters 1 Sqn. Resonsible for Changi, Seletar, Gan and Tengah troops in 1966

Fault Control

Fault Control Changi Troop. Located in Block 20

Morgan Block

Askar Askar Bujang. The new LEP accomodation. The Morgan Block Opened and unveiled by the Station Commander.

The Malay Cookhouse

The Malay cookhouse at Askar askar bujang specialised in Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes to suit the LEP palate.

Askar2 bujang

A general view of the old LEP accomodation and the new Morgan block at the far end

Changi Troop Office

General view of Changi Troop offices and stores.

Tech working in fault control

Tech working in fault control, behind him the Strowger telehone exchange equipment.

Photo by Chris Taylor

Photo taken by Chris Taylor on one of the islands.

Chris, Bob Philpot and Pete Humphries.

WOs and Senior NCOs circa 1971