Bulletin No 42

Edited from the original newsletter.

President – Brigadier RH Maxfield

Chairman – Lt Col (Retd) PF Soward………………………Secretary – Mr JW Horne
Treasurer – Maj (Retd) F.A. Smith…………………………..Membership Secretary – Mr FD Isaacs
Welfare Officer – Mrs J. Horne……………………………….Assistant Editor – Mr TK Armitage
Regalia Officer – Mrs M Soward……………………………..Webmaster – Mr J Hill

Assistant Webmaster – Mrs Pam Craven
Publicity Officer and Editor – Lt Col (Retd) PF Soward


Humble Apologies:

The last, November, edition of The Bulletin included an un-forgivable typo on the front page and an embarrassing omission on the Subscriptions Proforma.

How the year 2015 came to be printed as 1995 on the first line on Page 1, and how, after three proof readings by two people, it was not spotted, totally eludes me. However, it happened, I was acutely embarrassed when it was pointed out to me, and all I can do is apologise.

The half-page insert inviting members to pay their subscriptions did not include the information that cheques should be made out to ’19 Sig Regt Assn’ so a number of members made their cheques out to The Bulletin1. This again was embarrassing as we had to return their cheques and ask that we be sent replacements. My apologies to all concerned.

Pat Soward – Editor


At our last committee meeting John Hill, our webmaster, undertook to look at the possibility of creating our own website rather than rely totally on our pages on the RSA website. He attended a ‘Web Creation Course’ and is making good progress. It’s a very steep learning curve that he likens to trying ‘to learn Russian and Cantonese in a month’. He would like it to be fully up and running by the next reunion.

To assist he will welcome articles from those who served in Changi, Ops Tp, Seletar troop, Tengah, and Butterworth/Penang and Microwave troop plus anything else relevant that he can publish on our webpages.

Pat Soward – Chairman

Book of Remembrance:

Dennis Isaacs and I have finished the first draft list of members of 19th Signal Regiment Association who have died and so far have 172 names. Information on some of the earlier members is sparse and if any members can provide more information on any of the members listed on page 6 we would be grateful. It is planned to have the ‘Master’ version on display at Reunion 2016.

Pat Soward – Editor


Reginald Cooper:

Reg Cooper served 1943-47, first in 4th (Indian) AFS in India, Bengal and Hong Kong and then transferred to 19 AFS where he served in Hong Kong and Rangoon, the latter as SQMS 1 Sqn. He retired to live in Australia and wrote one or two articles for The Bulletin.

His daughter, Mrs Sue McMahon, has written to say that Reg has moved into a care home at Laidley, Queensland, where he is only a 15 minute drive from Sue and her family. She writes ‘At 91 he is doing quite well and we are grateful to still have him with us.’ Many thanks for your letter Sue. Very thoughtful of you. Please stay in touch.




Saturday, November 26th

Re-dedication of the Royal Signals Memorial, National Memorial Arboretum Project Noel VII. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. Information at


We have recently heard that Maj (Retd) Keith Pritchard, editor of The Wire and consequentially well known to many serving and retired members of the corps, died suddenly on January 23rd. I had regular dealings with Keith and found him invariably cheerful and helpful. He will be exceptionally difficult to replace. Those with the skills necessary to edit a magazine of the quality of The Wire are few and far between. His funeral on February 11th was well attended by serving and retired members of the corps.


As you may have seen on Page 1, a Book of Remembrance listing all those members of our association who we know have died, is to be produced. It will be a loose-leaf binder into which new pages can be inserted, or old ones replaced, as required. A firm on the Isle of Wight specialises in this sort of book so we hope to be able to obtain a binder of appropriate quality. It is confidently expected that the book will be on display at our September reunion. In the meantime an up-to-date list has been created by Dennis Isaacs and myself and a copy will be incorporated in the Association website that is being created by John Hill. Again it is stressed that wives and widows of members are ‘fully paid up’ members of the association and their passing is recorded in our Book of Remembrance.

Information about some of those who died during the early days of our Association is very ‘skimpy’ and if any reader can provide more details (Christian names. Company and/or Section, dates of service in 19 Sig Regt and/or death etc) about the following members, we would be very grateful:

  • Douglas Cole. Served 156 DR Sect, 1944-46. Date of death unknown
  • Wilfred Anness. Electrician Signals. Date of death unknown
  • Maj Arthur Fisk. Does anyone know what post he held in his second ‘tour with 19 AFS in 1956-59?
  • E Dickson. Recorded as died ‘Before 2000’.
  • Fred Sampson. Died 1996
  • Gordon Pierce. Died 1 Sep 1996
  • Ronald Suett. Died 1997. Served 1957-60
  • George Hunt. Died August 1998
  • Mr GD Battin. Died September 1998
  • Mr FE Hardman. Died 1998/99
  • Mr KR Body. Died ‘Early.1999’
  • Mr G Fish. Died ‘in 1999’
  • Mr T Cushen. Died ‘in 2000’
  • Anthony Murphy. Died 12 July 2003

If any member of the Association would like his or her own copy of all the pages of the Roll-of-Honour these can be made available, bound in a commercial black display book, at a cost in the order of £5.00 plus postage. A copy of this will also be on display at Warwick.

Election or re-election of Committee Members. As always, nominations for Committee Posts are always welcome.


Any Other Business. If any member has a question or concern, please make a note and the concern will be discussed by members during the AGM or answered by a committee member.

Committee Meeting:

Your committee members will meet on Sunday morning for a quick meeting. The main discussion will centre around the reunion and proposals for next year’s reunion. If any member (whether attending the reunion or not) has comment on any matter that he, or she, considers should usefully be discussed by the Committee Members, please discuss it with a committee member in the first instance.


Thank You: We are very grateful to those members of the association who pay their subscriptions and, so very often, add a donation as well. Without this whole-hearted support we would either have to curtail our reunion activities or those attending would have to be asked to pay considerably more. As you will see from the Statement of Accounts, income from donations was, in 2015, over double that received from subscriptions.

Bravo and thank you…