Bob Williamson

Short message from Bob Williamson to Bob Foskett (and the webpage) who was in Microwave troop on Western Hill.

Bob Williamson  has just recently visited Singapore from his home in Malaysia and writes “I landed at Changi a couple of hours ago and was invited to Singapore Cricket Club for high tea, oh how the other half live eh!.” Visiting both Changi and Seletar during the trip, he says, “This visit was sort of sad. There were bits of the old Changi base still visible but not a great deal. I think SAF tore most down in a fit of pique against the British. I found the old microwave building on the hill. It still has some sort of masts but not our dishes. Other nice buildings that looked like block 139 were there but I couldn’t get a sense of geography. Seletar base is still quite a nice place but only one accommodation block is preserved (block 450) It was an AA unit in there. We went to Jurong and Tengah too but couldn’t spot any residue of the old empire, just blocks of flats. If there is anything more to report I will let you know”.While he was at Western Hill in 1970 he says that he travelled in the Bristol vibrator ( 10,000 bolts flying in loose formation) ( Bristol Freighter). It was his  personal transport. He says “I also tried the Andover , a lovely aircraft. My favourite was an Aussie Hercules that offered us a lift to  Singapore from Penang. We were dressed in our best bar gear which seemed so out of place with the SAS troop who they just lifted out of the jungle. Just as we were on final into Changi the pilot let us know that there was no need for him to land as he had been re-directed to Darwin (gulp)  I think he was taking the Michael as he put down in Singapore anyway.”


Bob Foskett added

I have fond memories of the Singapore Cricket Club. When I went down to Changi in late August 71 I played Rugby for the ANZUK Support Group team at the Singapore CC – It was quite swish. That real estate must be worth zillions.