Royal Signals Association (RSA)

The Royal Signals Association (RSA) was formed in 1920 – the year that The Royal Corps of Signals was formed (gaining Royal assent in August of that year); prior to that Signallers had been part of The Royal Engineers.

The objects of The Royal Signals Association are: To foster comradeship and morale within the Corps family, serving and retired and, though its charitable arm, The RSBF, to provide comfort and relief either generally or individually to past and present signallers and their dependants who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress. There are more than 60 regional branches of The RSA as well as numerous affiliated associations. 

Air Formation Signals Association (AFS)

The Air Formation Signals Association is a separate association originally initiated by Dennis Egan. The Association is open to all members who have served in any of the Air Formation Signals units (ASSU. Air Support Signals Units). Members of the 19 Signal Regiment Association are welcome to join the Air Formation Signals Association and for further in formation should contact our Chairman Pat Soward.

Membership of the Association peaked in 2003 (over 320 past members and widows).  Currently there are circa 180 members and 41 widows.

RAF Associations

Far East RAF Changi Association

The RAF Changi Association was formed in 1996 and as well as publishing a newsletter, ‘The Changi-ite’, two or three times each year, it has a presence at all major air displays in the UK. Members of 19th Signal Regiment may apply for Associate Membership. It has negotiated with Singapore Airlines to offer ‘net’ fares to members of the Association.

RAF Seletar Association

The RAF Seletar Association was formed in 1997 and membership is open to all who were associated with RAF Seletar including, for example, children who attended school there. They publish a newsletter, ‘The Searchlight’, two or three times each year and holds reunions in the UK.

RAF Penang/Butterworth

The RAF Penang/Butterworth Association was formed at the Casuarina Hotel, Batu Ferringhi, on 30th August 1996, by a group of 43 people marking the 25th Anniversary of the handing over or RAF Butterworth and RAF Penang to the Malaysian Government in October 1971. Members of 19th Signal Regiment who served at RAF Butterworth and/or RAF Penang may apply for Associate Membership. They publish a newsletter twice a year and hold an annual reunion in the UK as well as arranging occasional reunion trips to the Far East.

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