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Partnering with business and industry during military service and beyond

Royal Signals Institution

Enriching The Corps through professional development

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Networking and support

Providing professional networking and collaboration opportunities

Lifelong learning

Developing the individual

Supporting and promoting a zest for knowledge, understanding and skills through research, education and engagement

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Excellence as standard

Ensuring best practice; recognising and rewarding excellence

Promoting Professionalism

Membership of The Royal Signals Institution (RSI) is open to all serving and retired officers and soldiers of The Royal Corps of Signals from the newest Recruit to most senior General and to close colleagues in Defence and industry across the globe.

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RSI Lecture – The First Casualty

Thursday 3oth March 2017

PMH Blandford

The Untold Story of the Falklands War

A Lecture by Historian and Author Ricky D Phillips

The Royal Signals Institution (RSI) works to support Royal Signals Soldiers and seeks to:

  • Encourage life-long learning.
  • Develop original and innovative approaches to problem solving.
  • Help build dynamic and creative teams.
  • Promote enquiry, debate, research and innovation.
  • Provide a myriad of business and professional networking opportunities.

All with the unapologetic aim of creating a Corps of learned, inspirational soldiers; brimming with passion. Soldiers who have a pride in their work, a zest for development and a professionalism that is, not only second to none but, universally admired.

A Corps of skilled, experienced and competent professionals. Professionals that can design, build, run and configure complex and ad-hoc networks and structures supported by applications and data engineers. Who can work in challenging and hostile environments. Soldiers that  are innovative, creative and responsive capable of optimally delivering what is required when and where it is needed.

The RSI – In partnership with The Royal Corps of Signals and industry

Our Work

  • Promoting professional development,
  • Debating defence information and communications.
  • Facilitating networks and networking.
  • Delivering professionalism.
  • Passion and pride that is seldom usurped elsewhere.
Royal Signals Institution

Royal Signals Soldiers
Routinely going the extra-mile – Because excellence is standard

 Inspiring. informing. influencing

Fostering professional development amongst the serving and retired officers and soldiers of the Royal Corps of Signals and their close colleagues in Defence and industry. The RSI will do this by:

  • Encouraging a culture of life-long learning.
  • Supporting professional registration.
  • Recognising and rewarding excellence.
  • Offering professional networking opportunities.

Educating, engaging, empowering

Serving the needs of digitalised defence.

  • Able to balance risk, speed and agility, resources and outcomes against operational / business drivers.
  • Skilled in the integration of service components.
  • Knowledgeable about business/operational needs.
  • Royal Signals leaders ensure appropriate technical direction is given to those teams whose role is to advise commanders.

Dynamic, adaptable and responsive.

Capable, professional, intelligent.

Royal Signals soldiers are skilled, experienced and competent communications professionals. They are capable of deploying, surviving, operating and providing close support in challenging environments.

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The RSI Journal is published biannually.

Printed copies are distributed free to all serving (Regular and Reserve) Royal Signals officers, warrant officers and staff sergeants; it also available by subscription.

For all subscription enquiries please email

Alternatively, PDF copies of all editions of the RSI Journal published since 2010, including the most recent edition, can be downloaded from

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