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About Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd (RSTL) comprises four component parts:

  • Royal Signals Association (RSA). The RSA supports friendship and comradeship across and between the serving and retired communities.
  • Royal Signals Benevolent Fund (RSBF), this is The Corps’ charity. Broadly speaking The RSBF has two key purposes: supporting morale and efficiency of The Corps and supporting Signallers serving and retired, who are in need or distress.
  • The Royal Signals Institution (RSI); the professional body of the Royal Corps of Signals.

We support a range of Corps activities including The Museum, sport and Adventurous Training.

The Boards’ Trustees are drawn predominantly from serving and retired members of The Corps. They meet twice a year but will hold additional meetings or form sub-committees should the need arise.

About this website

This website was designed and developed in house for Royal Signals Trustee Ltd to help communicate how:

  • The RSTL works to support the Corps via activities as diverse as Adventurous Training, Benevolence, Royal Visits and awards for professional excellence.
  • The Corps rallies to support The RSTL, not just through financial contributions but through their work, fundraising, pride, professionalism and unstinting support.


A few words from Sandra Hutchinson Royal Signals Trustee Ltd (RSTL) Communication Director

The Corps is thriving, brimming with activity. Speak with any Royal Signals soldier – it is immediately apparent just how talented they are.  Not only are Signallers highly trained, capable, professionals doing an essential and demanding job but that they have an extraordinary amount of talent and skill.

In conversation the typical Royal Signals soldier will say “I just…” and the rest of the audience will sit jaw-droppingly agog at what “I just…” comprises!

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Enduring friendships, resolute bonds and the extra mile.

From an RSTL perspective it is wonderful to have an arena where we can say something about our members. We seek to celebrate the:

  • Work Signallers do, including the important role they play as a combat support arm of HM Forces.
  • Sports they play (including those currently supported by RSBF).
  • Honours and awards signallers win.
  • Achievements Royal Signals earn.
  • The Corps’ esteemed heritage.
  • Adventurous training undertaken.
  • Professionalism that soldiers in The Corps exhibit.

…And so much more.

As well as celebrating the work of our serving community, we wish to thank those veterans who have served. It’s heartwarming to see the value Signallers place on the support of their family; whether their own nearest and dearest or that of The Corps. Many Signallers maintain enduring friendships and resolute bonds with those with whom they have served. We thank the very many who go the extra mile to help others, including those who fundraise for The RSBF.

So much to celebrate

With such a vibrant Corps and so much to celebrate flexibility is key. The resulting web development is a multi-site construct designed, to ensure RSTL components, and any special elements of The Corps can have their own space to develop. The RSTL multi-site umbrella can cover larger clubs and societies too.

The site is a work in progress built in-house and heavily reliant on goodwill. There are separate sites for all RSTL components and for a number of other elements too, these include:

Others have requested sites and these will come on line in due course. There is still much to do on the current sites so, in true Agile fashion, this is one project where we suspect our work will never be done.

The experience of youth

A huge thank-you to the straight-talking phase two trainees – the digital by birth generation. In workshop sessions they helpfully expressed exactly what they expected from a website. That we have placed the football league tables and a quiz or two on the sports pages is the least we could do to thank them for sharing their youthful and valued expertise. Of course the quiz software is there to be utilised so, if you want to make your own quiz, get in touch.

Could it be you?

Volunteer to help

I am genuinely impressed by the way people have helped and supported the site and overawed by the enthusiastic involvement of increasing numbers. The site is a work in progress; there is ample opportunity for others to be involved. We have already received a number of offers of help from people to run and manage pages or garner information or media; thank-you. There’s still room for more people to volunteer with us.

Are you:

  • Passionate about a sport or key activity? Why not take responsibility for an individual area of the site.
  • Eagle-eyed? Volunteer to be a typo terminator and, if editing is your bag, help and support our content creators.
  • Creative; a good eye for an image, Photoshop savvy and /or with graphic design skills? We definitely need your talents. If you’ve video or film experience or can draw or sketch – including cartoons – we need you too.
  • Tech savvy with WordPress or web skills? Don’t hide in your attic – share your skills and expertise.

The site relies heavily on collaboration and team-work and it’s easy to get involved. We’ve listed some of our wants but if you can spare the odd hour or two to help out in some way then please get in touch, our wish list above is not exhaustive.

A final word of thanks

Free lunch and emojis

I would like to thank all those who have helped; the site would be a shell without you. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and all-round helpfulness has been a breath of fresh air. In true 21st century fashion we’ve met and communicated via DMs and PMs and obligatory emojis – through Facebook and Twitter. There have been copious email chains, numerous phone calls, the odd Skype or FaceTime and a fair few face-to-face meetings.

There is no such thing as a free-lunch so naturally I am hoping these heartfelt thanks will keep you going when my next plea for help or information appears.


Royal Signals Trustee Ltd

Supporting those in need and fundraising

We are wholeheartedly grateful to those soldiers, individuals and communities who support us.

We have a growing base of former Signallers and a shrinking number of serving soldiers, yet calls, especially on The RSBF for benevolence, are growing. One case in ten is for a serving soldier, two thirds of those we help are aged under 65.  We’ve granted close to £2 million in benevolence in the past five years. We don’t undertake case-work but case workers, who work speedily to assess need, then approach us for financial support for that individual. Confidentiality prevents us from saying who we help. Some of those we help allow us to share their story. If we think it may expose or leave an individual or their family in a vulnerable position, we will not share their information despite being authorised by them to do so.

We rely on donations, legacies and fundraising to help us help others. Please, if you’re looking to help a charity do consider helping The RSBF – we very much want to ensure we remain in a position to help those who need us. We’ve even developed an Inspiration Station, brimming with fundraising ideas; do check it out now.

 Royal Signals Photography - Supported by Mike Williams Photography

Professional, imaginative, creative

  1. Mike Williams is a professional photographer who ingeniously and creatively captures the mood and atmosphere of any occasion whether in The Mess, at an event or out and about on operational exercises. Mike can be booked for photo shoots. His work (including some of the images on this website) is available to purchase from his website www.photographybymikewilliams.co.uk

*Please note, images on this website are protected by copyright. It is an offence to download or reproduce images without permission.

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd swift and sure support for The Corps

Royal Signals Trustee Ltd
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