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Royal Corps of Signals – Leaders in a digital age

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We are a registered Charity supporting Royal Signals’ soldiers through their Day Pay Giving scheme. The objects of The Charity are to support the efficiency and morale of The Royal Corps of Signals and to provide benevolence support to serving and retired signallers who are in need or distress. This site illustrates the wonderful Corps we support, their work and the work we do to help. It is not an MoD site nor is it part of, the Army’s official web site.

There are many opportunities to work with us including: fundraising, supporting The RSI or as a volunteer (including museum volunteers). For those with an interest in the military, the Royal Corps of Signals currently has vacancies for soldiers –  both regular (full-time) or reserve (part-time). Explore this site to find out more about the Corps family or contact Army Recruiting.

Corps Support - From The RSTL

Paid to learn?

Qualified, professional, incentivised

Thousands of soldiers are earning while learning, thanks to generous allowances via HM Forces.

But that’s not all; from apprentice soldier to senior officer The RSI supports a series of awards for top performing signallers of all ranks.

There’s never been a better incentive to study.

Feeling Adventurous?

Thinking about your next Adventurous Training exercise?

Whether on land or sea, high in the mountains or deep in the ocean; get your trip on the road with help from The RSBF.

Royal Signals – spirit of adventure encouraged

Explore eligibility criteria now.

Professional Profile?

Maximise your potential now

The Royal Signals Institution provides a golden opportunity to parade your professionalism.

With thought provoking lectures, support for professional accreditation, industry links, annual awards for excellence and more; isn’t it time you visited The RSI?

Notes from The Corps

Royal Signals - Leaders in a digital age

More than a blue beret

Valuing the individual

Wanting to change trades, hankering for specialist service or interested in becoming an officer?

There are so many opportunities available to serving members of The Corps. Speak to your RCMO now and find out who to talk to and how the process works.

Operations and Deployment

The vital link

At any one time, Royal Signals soldiers are deployed on operations an humanitarian missions across the globe. Take a look at our interactive map to see the countries where Signallers are currently deployed.

Our work

Protecting the UK, preventing conflict

As a vital part of HM Forces we are fully engaged in fighting the UK’s enemies at home, overseas and in cyber space. First in, last out – we also work to help manage disaster and minimise suffering and distress.

As the global landscape changes so does The Corps. Explore the range of ICT and Cyber qualifications now.

Royal Signals

One Great Corps





Thousands of fabulous soldiers

A commanding position - Royal Signals' leadership

History & heritage

Countdown to 100 Years of The Corps 1920 - 2020








Corps Sport - Supported by RSBF

Winter Sports

A glittering array of individual and team sports

From Nordic and Alpine skiing through to football, rugby, hockey and much more

Explore more

Summer Sports

Spoiled for choice

From the steady skills of angling and golf through to adrenaline, action-packed adventure on land, sea or in the air, there’s something for everyone

Go to Sports

Sport For All

Agility, speed, strength, stamina, balance, coordination

With more than 30 sports on offer there’s never been a better time to try something new

Go to Sports

Team Sports

Waterpolo, rugby, football, cricket, basketball, canoe polo

Just a flavour of our tantalising sports offer

Individual Events

Sports? We’ve got them covered

Royal Signals Sports – Join the very best now

Family Values




Royal Signals

The home of inspirational professionals

We've been expecting you...

We don’t promise visits from M or gadgets from Q but our soldiers have Bond traits. They’re mentally tough, exceptionally physically fit and have an outstanding ability to work well under pressure. They get to travel, work with gadgets and secrets and importantly have a family of support too.

Royal Signals – Swift and sure


Special Forces Communicator (SFC)

The best move you will ever make

Serving in The Corps? Determined, courageous, self-disciplined, intelligent, physically fit with mental, moral and physical stamina? Find out more now.


Corps Band

Pitch perfect

You may not blow your own trumpet but you have to be dedicated and talented to join the Royal Signals’ band.

Playing ability and potential are more important than formal music qualifications but work hard and play hard are just two of the many key requisites to parade with the band.

Royal Corps of Signals – Work with us

Soldier first

Being a soldier is the key responsibility of anyone serving in the Army. All who join will go through basic training, which provides recruits with the essential skills they need to be a professional soldier. You’ll get to understand just how important team work is and, among other things, learn essential field skills such as living out of a Bergen, cooking rations and safely operating a weapon. This basic training will give you the discipline and confidence to succeed – as a soldier, in your trade training and beyond.

Currently there are six trade options available to those who join the Royal Signals but – as we move into an ever more digital age – the way we work and the training we undertake is constantly evolving. This is essential to keep pace with the demands of modern technology and warfare, where communication and communications remain at the forefront of all we do.

Royal Corps of Signals – A world of opportunity

Royal Corps of Signals – Leaders In A Digital Age

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